The Offering:
Open your divine channel, give her a voice
The offering is a custom designed session or series for you. (Or can be a group course.)
We work from the quantum field to create a dynamic practice of awareness and awakening in regards to your voice, your soul blueprint, and your empowerment of being.
Who you are as a divine being is already within you.
The voice is the most powerful instrument of the body.
Together we will activate your voice to empower you to create your most authentic expression.
If you have ever wanted to sing or speak with greater confidence and beauty; to connect to your soul in truth and the frequency of love then I am here to guide you.
You are your own greatest healer.
Set your inner artist free to learn to transform fear into creativity.
You have magic held within your energy centers, the chakras.
There are vibrational light codes in your DNA waiting to be released to the earth, humanity, and the multidimensional universe.
Unity consciousness is available to everyone whose souls desire to be expressed as unique yet connected.
We will open our channel, the voice, through an exciting variety of methods.

Here’s a few examples from my treasure chest:

  • Somatic Sounding
  • Toning with the voice
  • Light language
  • Singing the chakras
  • Creating affirmations, chants, mantras
  • Songwriting
  • Medicine songs
  • Drumming
  • Singing our prayers
  • Flower Essences
  • Opening the Akashic records and teaching you how to do this for yourself
  • Manifestation through balance of masculine and feminine aspects
  • Inner Child curiosity
  • Inner Artist transformation
  • Breathwork
  • Guided meditations
  • Singing with nature (yodel, Yoik)
  • Sound Healing
  • Womb voice embodiment
  • Goddess inspirations
You deserve to have fun with your voice and to create divine connection through your channel of vibration.
You are worthy to tune into the deep well of creative expression and to know yourself in freedom.
Together we can explore how sound and using your voice can empower your body as an orchestra of soulful vibration.
Your mind will benefit also as it learns to relax and let go into the flow of life and conscious co-creation.
The voice is the gateway to liberation from fear to greater self-love.
When we love ourselves without resistance and judgment we are giving that vibration to others.
Everything is energy.
May we transcend in this adventure of sound alchemy together.
I am here for you.