The voice of

May we gather together
like birds of a feather
to create harmony

In this circle we unite our voices for harmony.

We breathe in love.
Breathe out harmony.

We create tones with our voices to send the frequency of serenity into the world.

We may calm ourselves with soothing vibrations of sound.

The vibrations we create together will be built on the images and words of harmony that we share.
Breathe in harmony
Breathe out love
Simply be
Here now
To each other
May we bow
Thank the moon
Thank the sun
Blessing earth
We are one
Blessing her
Be the song
Flowing harmony
May I be
Flowing light
Now in you
Touching me
Loving you
Feel the rhythm
Of the sea
Be the wave of harmony
Feel the rhythm
Of the sea
Be the wave of harmony
Breathe in love
Breathe out harmony
Simply be
Laughing to complexity
Be the
Harmony of flowers
Be the
Harmony of honey
Light a candle
In the dark
Light a candle
In your heart
Be the sound of harmony
Growing strong
Be the seed
Rooting down
Be the tree
Breathe in me
Sing the tree
Breathe out harmony
Let it be so
We are leaves
Of light we grow
We are branches
May we live
The tree of life
be free to give
May I be the offering
A voice of harmony
A tone of love
Toning home
A rose
The dove
Toning home
To all be love
May we be
The voice of harmony
Ripple out
into the world
From our belly
Mother Earth
May we vibrate
In the frequency
Of truth
Letting go of harm
joyous heaven
On the earth
May planets
Bring our galaxy
The song of peaceful
Beyond all silence
Space and time
All souls forgive
Forever find
In nature life
She is now giving
Us the dream
We are now living
Unity the air
We breathe
Purify our waters
Unity in harmony
Freedom be the voice
We sing
Trust yourself in love
Be the gift of sacred breath
It is also fine to simply receive and listen
with one’s presence of silence.
I will guide us and hold the space for us to feel safe to share our intentions.
This will be on the zoom platform so it will be private (although recorded) for participants.