from my heart to yours
Your intuitive voice
is the love song of your soul
When the Soul Whispers, Sing!
Your voice is a vibration of who you are.
What is the frequency of you?
There is a river of expression in your voice.
Would you set the channel free?
Do you ever sing to trees? Or flowers, bees?
Do you know the joy of song?
The creation of life starts with a sound.
Your breath is the portal.
Your heart holds the rhythm
Who I am
I am a songwriter and a poet, a divine soul.

I use words, vocal tones, and a variety of musical instruments to create sacred sound experiences.

Light language and earth language are loving parts of my treasure chest of tools to serve you.

Opening your Akashic records is a loving and joyous way of learning and listening to the sacred guidance of your soul.

We create a vibrant collaboration as we tune into the universe of grace and joy.

Grace is a catalyst of truth.

Do you choose to receive the abundance of the universe?
Do you believe in the ancient power of sound as healing?
Do you know the power and beauty of your own voice?
My songs and poetry
The voice of harmony
May we gather together
like birds of a feather
to create harmony.