Reclaim Your Inner Voice

to sing the truth of you
Open the channel
of co-creation
and sacred expression
Express (evolve)
Do you desire to sing?
Does your inner voice long to express out?
To write songs? Poetry?
To improvise with sound?
To heal from within with sound?
Remember the language of light,
Dance while vocalizing?
What is the love song of your soul?
You are:
the medicine song of magic
the alchemist of co-creation with Source
a vibration of Gaia
a frequency of love
You are a seed born in the fertile darkness to bloom the light of you into a new earth.
Will you answer the clarion call with me as I design an offering?
This is my market research into the universe of social media.
Freedom of expression is our birthright.
Your voice matters.
The quality of your inner beauty matters.
Your confidence to be bold
Become the butterfly
Be the flower
When the soul whispers, Sing! Create!
Drop me a line if any of this resonates.
My website is nearing completion.
The pandemic has initiated me into a new timeline of service.
You are not going to see me creating content in a bikini and extra big eyelashes,
fancy nails, flying in a private jet to the Maldives.
As I create my dream of living on a boat on the ocean I practice living the now moments by listening to trees, bees, and the vibration of the flowers I grow, the herbs, and veggies.
I dream of song circles and singing with whales.
I remember my life as a river guide.
I am a lover of nature.