I am the offering

Of my soul
Giving a voice
In love I flow
Blessing a stone
Walking the earth
I greet the sun
Each day in her birth
Raising my hands
Bowing to heart
I am the offering
Bubbling out
springs chalice wells
Water falling rain
Rivers red canyons
Limestone openings
I am the vessel
Floating I am free
Rising to remember
The wave I would be
Deep as turquoise oceans
Vast Akashic sea
A whale singing devotion
I am offering
Songs out of darkness
Fire crackling void
Drumming I am goddess
Shaman dance of joy
Sweetgrass sage breath
Lavender divine (so fine)
Ancient seeps of salt
Corn and feathers
I may find
A billion years of sandstone
Yet Laughter is my gift
A caterpillar dreaming
Her Metamorphosis
I am the offering
Body and soul
Guiding the river
Dear mother
I am whole
All parts of me
I welcome
My offering
I am home