Intuitive voice activation
We will open your channel of creative expression and healing through the quantum voice and sound.
YOUR voice,YOUR channel of creative expression holds the power to give YOU divine connection, joy, healing, and awakened intuition.
Simple yet powerful practices through voice, breath, gentle movements.
Musical instruments including handpan, piano, Balinese created frame drums, singing bowls and more may be used, but ultimately the voice is the most powerful instrument.
This session is a powerful yet fun adventure into using one’s voice for healing and ultimately singing.
The quantum voice is open to the ocean of possibilities.
One session is like a drop of water rippling out into the world.
1 hour
(one single session)
One month is like a wave beginning to build momentum.
4 X 1 hour
(once a week)
A package of 7 sessions opens the major energy centers of the body.
7 X 1 hour
a recorded personal light language sound activation
email support for the duration of our time together
(7 consecutive weeks)