Rainbow Nation Song

When I ask to call you friend
Would you see beyond the color
Of my skin?
When the goddess beckons
To your soul
Will you listen, will you know?
There’s a light in you and me
Let it shine, let it shine in unity.
What does it mean, equality?
Another word? Disharmony
I am more than what you see
More than white trash family.
I am body, I am blood
Am I a fool to live as love?
Are you more than just a teacher?
Am I a child who needs a preacher?
Just like you
I want to be free
Free to sing in harmony
Black and white
My family
Brown and red
We all have bled
Man as woman
Woman as man
Who is selling an evil plan
What divides us
In separation?
End these wars And rape vibrations.
If we love all unique bodies
Could we learn to live in peace?
Undo the past
Learn to forgive
6000 years of damages
6000 years of reparations
How long until
The rainbow nation
Rises up with all hands held
Loving earth
Transforming hell
Would you look beyond
The color of my skin
Wild woman that I am
There’s a light in you and me
Unique, divine in every being
We are here to anchor in
Rainbow family vibration
There’s a song that wants to sing
Let your voice be the bell, the bell that rings
May our hearts beat to the drum
Of the earth and the ocean of the one
May we love in unity
All our world’s diversity