Sound as healing
vibration and frequency

Music for the Soul

The sounds of healing
Await you
Like trees dreaming of raindrops.

Let me guide you on a journey
of musical transformation
Where every cell of your body
Vibrates to the frequency of love,
Peace, remembrance of light.

Can you allow yourself the gift
of self-love?
A river of tears that may flow,
even some moments of sleep, and
memories asking to be released?

Would you, could you
close your eyes and breathe deeply
into your entire being?
As I gently yet powerfully channel
the possibility of drums, bells, bowls,
strings, voice, handpan, and meditative
piano music into your body in a bath
of sound vibration frequencies?
Imagine, if you will, your body as an orchestra waiting for a soulful conductor.
We will create an intention together to allow sound as healing, listening, feeling
in a safe sacred place wherever that may
be for you; nature, your home,
someplace quiet and free of distractions.
A single session
1/2 hour
book now
A package of
four sessions
1 hour
book now
A package of
four sessions
1/2 hour
book now
What is my
training and who are my teachers? And what is my background to facilitate transformation safely?

“Music for the Soul”. I’ve been a musician for most of my 61 years of life.

  • 2 college degrees- music composition,
  • Elementary education
  • I’ve taught yoga/Ayurveda (500 hrs teacher training), downhill skiing,
    piano, and middle school music.
  • I’ve been a river guide for 37 years (now retired) in Grand Canyon and other rivers in the southwest US. I’ve safely and sacredly facilitated transformation for commercial trips, youth nonprofit trips, and indigenous cultural trips (I was a boatman for the Hopi tribe for 20 years.)
  • I brought my beautiful red Guild guitar on numerous trips to sing for and with my clients.

RECENTLY (during the pandemic) I’ve studied music (drum and song, vocal Resonance, songwriting, ukulele, looping devices, and women’s womb studies)
with: Larisa Gosla, Haji Basim, Marya Stark, Elijah Ray, Elsa Field (Avalon, Glastonbury),and Rising Appalachia.
Each of these musicians are some of the best in the music “new age” industry.