• I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your offering yesterday. I am still feeling the uplifting energy that I have been craving for some time. I did not realize until after meeting with you that yesterday was the one month mark of losing my father. I have been dealing with depression since he passed and my daily practice and inner knowing of what I need to do for myself has been placed aside. Meeting with you Lynn uplifted my spirit and I felt a shift in my energy immediately. I am so grateful for the meditative tips you provided that I can easily incorporate into my day. You offered me a vocal experience that I could feel and grow from. Lynn the class was super fun and I enjoyed how the energy flowed back and forth. The call and response experience filled my heart. I would love to do this again! I am so grateful to you and I look forward to more classes with you!
    Allison Caruso
  • So the day after our session I opened the records and I totally started to do sound vibrations/chanting not sure what to call it. That was what came through and it felt very healing and it was fun! I could feel all sorts of vibrations that I normally would not have noticed/been tuned into. I meant to email you earlier in the week so I could tell you! Your sound healing during our session opened up something/liberated something in me! Vocal exploration is completely new for me, so that session I had after yours was such a surprise! Thank you again!
    Amy Codd
  • As a holistic health coach, I knew sound was a powerful tool for health and healing so was interested in exploring this on a personal level and as a way to support my clients. I had always loved singing and was feeling called to connect to my voice and self expression via traditional music, as a way to connect with my ancestors and as a way to step into my authority as a confident woman with a message to share.

    Lynn was incredible at sourcing and sharing traditional folk music for me, to help find the type of sound that I was longing to connect with. The time and energy she spent on creating a bank of resources for me to practice and explore was priceless.

    Through working with Lynn, I also found the love of using the frame drum. This too has now become part of my creative exploration and as a tool to move energy through my body and also to share with others.

    Lynn has an incredible intuitive sense in how to support and champion her clients and for anyone looking to use and develop the power of their voice through music, or through a message that needs to be shared then I can not recommend her enough.

    Lorna MacPhail
    Holistic Health Coach
  • I was very ill with covid when I had a sound healing session with Lynn. Her treatment lifted me out of the lower frequencies of the illness and brought me to a place filled with light. The best part was this light stayed with me and helped me to overcome the illness. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough.
    Ruth Mueller