Empower your voice

Be bold! Be brave! Ride the sound waves!Your soul is whispering for you to sing, to speak, to vocalize your light!

The voice of freedom is calling you to rise in your courage to create change!

Change your habits! Speak your truth!

Come out of the shower and sing!!!

Your sacred heart longs to be felt in your love songs.

Maybe you simply want to sing lullabies to your children.

The inner child is crying to be heard and to be held in your tones.

Your inner artist is rising out of the portal of your throat chakra to hum while you drum.

The waters of your belly desire to flow into the magical, playful you!!

All your energy centers want to move and groove with the channel of your voice.

These one hour sessions are designed to activate your confidence and the power of your vocal expression.

Your vibrations are enhanced by your vocal resonance!

The voice doesn’t lie!

We can dive into creative expression too like Songwriting!!!

These 1-1 sessions can be a tune-up or an introduction to the 3-month Open Your Channel, Free Your Voice course.

While I recommend a longer term commitment to creating lasting change sometimes life circumstances call for a quick fix; like an oil change.

I am here for you and your voice!

Empower your voice
1 hour
With follow-up PDF and recording