Let’s create
change together
Everything I create comes from the channel of my heart and divine Source energy.
Sound healing
The sounds of healing
Await you
Like trees dreaming of raindrops.
Vocal empowerment
free your voice, have fun
Akashic perspectives
soul alignment
What is sound?
Vibration of light
Frequency tones
Sacred energy
Born in the microcosm
There in the darkest night
This wild spiraling web
Connecting all of us
To a grid of radiance
Hold on
Let go
Be the river flowing
In your body
Set free the voice
Streaming waves
Hear her songs
Dear goddess of music
Open is my heart

Meeting with you Lynn uplifted my spirit and I felt a shift in my energy immediately.

I am so grateful for the meditative tips you provided that I can easily incorporate into my day. You offered me a vocal experience that I could feel and grow from.

Lynn the class was super fun and I enjoyed how the energy flowed back and forth. The call and response experience filled my heart.
I would love to do this again!

I am so grateful to you and I look forward to more classes with you!


– Allison Caruso